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Video Title: Mommy helps son with foot fetish
Model Name: Milfparadise
Video Duration: 07:19
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A woman is giving a pedicure to her son who has a clear fascination for women’s feet. As she finishes and moves away, the son can’t help but stare at his mother’s blue polished toes, becoming erect.

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Mommy notices her son staring at her feet and becomes uncomfortable until she remembers that time he searched foot fetish porn in their shared computer. To alleviate her unease, she decides to stroke her son’s cock with her bare feet, making him moan in pleasure as the two share an intimate moment.

The mother notices how much joy it brings for her son and continues giving this unique foot massage until he cums on her toes. She then takes a picture of her blue polished toes covered in cum to remember that special bond they had at least for some time more, but also as reminder if needed.

As mother and son share an intimate moment with the pedicure giving him ultimate pleasure, both realize how important family ties are. Mommy understands now better than before why he was staring at her feet and what it meant to him all along.