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Video Title: Giantess Mommy Plays With Her Tiny Pet POV HD
Model Name: Melonie Kares
Video Duration: 05:53
File Size: 421.13 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

A busty giantess is a woman who has an unusually large breast size and height. In this video, Melonie Kares portrays one of these women in the privacy of her own home. She sits on a chair with her legs spread wide, revealing her hairy bush.

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She picks up her tiny pet from between her mountainous breasts, which are at least 40 inches tall and have overspill. Melonie talks about how much she enjoys growing for the benefit of her pets, making them bigger with each stroke. She uses a black and blue lace bodysuit to entice her partner.

This busty giantess also has a thing for massages. She gives one to her tiny pet while it’s inside her cleavage, causing an overspill that makes him cum several times in the process. The massage is given with both hands and Melonie uses oil on them. Her partner can feel every bump of her fingers as she glides across his skin.

Melonie Kares has a big heart for tiny pets, especially when they’re inside her cleavage or between her mountainous breasts. She gives affectionate kisses and hugs to her pet while it’s still inside the chest area. The busty giantess loves taking care of her little one, even if it means being more dominant in their relationship.