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Video Title: Vagina Dentata: Penectomy Perv Punishment
Model Name: Marceline Leigh
Video Duration: 27:56
File Size: 1.60 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

In this video, a man has been caught voyeuristically peeping on women and is now being punished for his actions.
The punishment? Having his penis bitten off by a woman with teeth in her vagina.

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This specific man is stripped completely naked and made to jerk himself off before the woman begins chomping away at his genitals.
She tells him exactly how to masturbate, using techniques that she finds particularly pleasurable for herself and wants him to feel maximum pleasure before having it taken away.

Once he is sufficiently aroused and ready to climax, the woman then takes him inside of her where sharp teeth line her vagina.
He is made to feel intense pain as his penis is bitten off in small pieces, piece by piece, with each chunk savorily consumed.

Finally, after all is said and done, the man’s flaccid penis is thrown away like a piece of trash.
The woman takes great pleasure in punishing perverted men, becoming more powerful with every cock she bites off. The end result? A satisfied woman feeling on top of the world.