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Video Title: Your Stepmom is a Size Queen
Model Name: Mama Fiona
Video Duration: 17:48
File Size: 5.59 GB
Video Resolution: 3840×2160

Mama Fiona enters the living room in this clip to answer some questions her stepson had regarding big dicks and size queens. She starts by admitting that she enjoys larger penises, but when it comes to being someone’s stepmom, things get a little more complicated.

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She begins reminiscing about the last time they spent quality time together: ‘I am now VERY curious about the size of your cock! When you whip it out, I am bashful but very delighted. I admit to you that I happen to be a size queen, and big dicks like yours REALLY tend to get me going.’

She continues by talking about how she enjoys being on top of her stepson’s large member: ‘Not before long I am sucking and slobbering all over your big cock, and as soon as you cum inside me with my titties bouncing in your face, moaning wildly. can’t believe I’m doing this, but I can’t help myself – I LOVE a big cock!’

Finally, Mama Fiona addresses the importance of being open-minded and adventurous when it comes to love: ‘Even if it IS my stepson’s!!!!’