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Video Title: Making Love in Winter Gloves
Model Name: Mama Fiona
Video Duration: 21:04
File Size: 5.90 GB
Video Resolution: 3840×2160

This video is a sensual exploration of two women caressing each other while wearing winter gloves and absolutely nothing else. The scene begins with Mommy, who has long brown hair, standing behind her brunette daughter Fiona and sliding one gloved hand down the front of her pants to pleasure her. Her eyes are closed as she feels her way around the inside of her child’s pussy and then up to her nipples.

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The other woman is also completely naked, with only winter gloves on her hands. She cups one of Fiona’s large natural breasts in her hand while staring at it intensely. Mommy grabs a handful of tit flesh too and squeezes firmly, making the older woman moan softly as she feels it against her fingers.

The two women press their bodies together and feel every inch of bare skin from head to toe. The sensations they get are amazing but also very overwhelming for them both. Mommy’s gloved hand is especially skilled at making Fiona wet in a hurry, even if it means using her fingers just like she would with toys or other items.

Fiona enjoys pleasuring herself and has no problem spreading her legs wide apart so that her mother can play with her pussy. She gets turned on by the thought of being penetrated as much as anyone else, even if it’s just a finger gliding through her wetness and not something more substantial like Mommy would prefer.