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Video Title: Mommy Loves Your Stinky Cheesy Dick
Model Name: Maggierosexo
Video Duration: 10:33
File Size: 1.49 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

Pornography video ‘Mommy Loves Your Stinky Cheesy Dick’ is a 10 minute and 33 second long clip featuring Maggierosexo in her role as mother, or mistress. At the beginning of the scene she takes out your penis from your pants and starts to rub it with a cloth because you are not clean enough for her.

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Sometimes she uses an anteater-like method where she licks all over your dick and balls in order to make sure that there is no smegma or stinky cheesiness. She sniffs the head of your cock, sometimes deeply enjoying the smell and taste but at other times finding it repulsive.

The mistress then proceeds by taking a closer look at foreskin of Maggierosexo’s dick. The skin is pulled back exposing all of its glory to her eyes only for a second, before she moves on to tasting your cock and licking the shaft while holding it tightly in one hand.

The final moments are dedicated to cumming in this porn video ‘Mommy Loves Your Stinky Cheesy Dick’. The mistress holds you tight with both hands so that you can feel her love for a few seconds before she starts sucking on your head and swallowing it all, making sure there is no more smegma left.