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Video Title: Your wifes tiny bras 2
Model Name: Loritaylor
Video Duration: 13:33
File Size: 1.43 GB
Video Resolution: 1080×1920

This video features a woman trying on your wife’s small-sized lingerie and showcasing the variety of options available in her size.

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She seems to be fascinated by all the different types of bras, but can only find smaller sizes that don’t fit her own body. It’s as if she’s trying to put herself in your wife’s shoes and understand how it feels to wear such tiny lingerie.

As she tries on each piece, she comments on the fabric, style, and other details of the bra. She also compares them with her own bras and seems surprised that these smaller sizes even exist.

The video’s title is ‘Your wife’s tiny bras – round two’, which suggests there might be a continuation or sequel to this entertaining showcase of lingerie in different sizes. The woman filming the video also implies she enjoys trying on your wife’s bras and wants others to see these options too.