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Video Title: Left Boob Injury
Model Name: Loritaylor
Video Duration: 11:59
File Size: 256.10 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

A woman named Loritaylor suffered a minor skin injury on her left boob and had to get it bandaged for a few weeks. She still wears the bandage in this video, hoping that people don’t mind.

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Loritaylor has seen the doctor about this issue but continues to share details of how she is taking care of her boob with TLC and making sure it heals properly.

She tells all in a video clip, which lasts for 11:59 minutes. The resolution of the clip is at 1920×1080 pixels so that people can see every detail clearly.

Loritaylor hopes to get better soon and continue making videos with both boobs free from any injuries or issues, but until then she will keep taking care of her left boob. She also wants to remind everyone about the importance of self-care and seeking medical attention when needed.