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Video Title: Let it GO pov2 p2
Model Name: Longtoesally
Video Duration: 05:00
File Size: 208.17 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

In this video, Longtoesally is dressed in a revealing outfit and has been tasked with giving an upskirt show of her long toes as well as big butt to the audience. She starts by doing burps that smell like gas right into people’s faces, making them gassy themselves and causing farts to be released involuntarily. This is then followed by a holiday celebration where she talks about Christmas Eve and how it has become tradition for her to let go of all burps and farts during this time of year. She does not hold back as the smell and sound of both are in high demand, making people hard just from hearing them.

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In paragraph 2, Longtoesally continues to be very dominant and pulls up her dress to show off her asshole, which is also a big part of this video. She has vascularity on display as well as long fingers that reach for things in an attempt to please everyone involved.

In the third paragraph, Longtoesally talks about how she can be seen as vulgar because of all the cursing and use of big words but it is just her personality and who she truly is deep down. She also touches on some other tags such as hands that are long with nails painted in different colors for a more personal touch.

In the final paragraph, Longtoesally talks about how this video has been shot during winter time with Christmas decorations all around and everyone being cozy yet still having big butt and big ass on display. She also touches upon the fact that she can spread her legs far apart to show off her asshole more easily while maintaining a balance between dominance and submission.