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Video Title: Gas Chamber pov3 Full video
Model Name: Longtoesally
Video Duration: 27:12
File Size: 1.20 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

The video starts with Longtoesally being in a gas chamber, surrounded by thick hot air that smells bad. She feels trapped but still wants to get free from this place.

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As she tries to escape, she realizes her clothes are getting tighter and causing discomfort. At the same time, she has grown more curvy with bigger butt and ass in full view of viewers who can enjoy milf porn scene.

After a while, Longtoesally’s pants get stuck on something and cannot be removed anymore so now only option is to take them off completely. She feels relief from this but also has become smaller as the air around her smells even stronger with no way of escaping it

Finally, she uses a button that opens gate in gas chamber and releases all hot thick air making room for fresh cool breeze again. Now Longtoesally can breathe freely without any obstructions from big ass or milf scene and enjoys the rest of her day.