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Video Title: Mrs. Claus Cums in her Panties
Model Name: Littlebunnyb
Video Duration: 05:29
File Size: 817.54 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

Mrs. Claus is a character who has been married to Santa for many years but still enjoys the pleasure of orgasms and wants to share it with everyone by making this video, ‘Mrs. Claus Cums in her Panties’. The panties she wears are not just any regular underwear, they have special features that make them exciting and ready for sale at This video is in 1920×1080 resolution which means it has a high quality to the pleasure of all viewers.

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In this specific scene, Mrs. Claus is wearing red panties and enjoying her time alone as she gets ready for her husband by making herself cum multiple times before he arrives with presents in hand. The audio track that goes along with this video makes it feel like you are right there experiencing all the pleasure Mrs. Claus has to offer.

Although not physically present, Santa is still a big part of this scene as his wife gets ready for him by using these special panties and enjoying every moment of it. She even gives a shout out to her husband before she cums in them repeatedly. The visuals are explicit but exciting with each moment building up to the final climax.

Mrs. Claus understands that there is no better way to prepare for her husband’s arrival than by wearing these special panties and cumming multiple times in them. This specific scene has been recorded at 5 minutes and 29 seconds, making sure all viewers get a full experience of the pleasure Mrs. Claus offers