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Model Name: Little Puck
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Felicia is the girlfriend of a person and she’s shy but excited to give handjobs on Friday, her awkward dirty talk and behavior make things complicated as her man isn’t interested in sex anymore. She finds out that he prefers milf porn over real-life interactions, so she takes his place while giving him head from the motherly figure called Little Puck.

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Little Puck is a MILF who likes to give handjobs and show her techniques to Felicia in order for them to become more intimate. She gives tips on how to talk dirty and make it sound genuine, all while wearing sexy lingerie just like hers. In the end, this oedipal arrangement of motherly figure giving head to man’s son turns out to be a turn-on for both parties involved.

Felicia continues her journey by sucking on Little Puck’s penis and receiving cum in return while she pretends to be him. She enjoys the feeling of being someone else, especially when that person is jerking off to milf porn instead of giving attention to Felicia. This allows her to feel more connected with her man emotionally and physically.

The video concludes with a cumshot from Little Puck’s penis onto Felicia’s face, signifying the end of this sexual encounter but also leaving room for interpretation about who enjoyed it more or if there will be another time. The resolution is 1920×1080 and gives clear view of all activities happening in here.