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Video Title: Fuck Mommy Part 4 4K
Model Name: Lissie Belle
Video Duration: 10:01
File Size: 1.49 GB
Video Resolution: 3840×2160

A woman is having an intimate and sexual relationship with her father in this video titled ‘Fuck Mommy Part 4 4K’. She feels safe enough to let herself into his room, where he is fast asleep. With the help of a sedative or not, she starts giving him a sensual massage that leads him straight to climax.

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Her father wakes up and sees her taking care of him in an incestuous way. He does not want anyone else to know about their secret relationship as it would be considered taboo and unacceptable. Therefore, she takes the initiative and rides on top of him for some quality daddy-daughter time.

They share a heartwarming moment together but also realize that they need to keep this between them two. To ensure no one finds out about their secret relationship, they decide it is best if she starts wearing a mask and disguise whenever around other people. This way, even though someone might see her riding him again, they will not know the full context of what’s going on.

The woman then takes charge in the relationship with her father by dictating how things should be done between them two. She does this because she knows that he is a weak man and would prefer to keep their incestuous activities under wraps.