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Video Title: Mommy Loves Your Small Dick
Model Name: Linablackly
Video Duration: 15:37
File Size: 2.20 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

You are in a room with your mom while she is masturbating using two different sized dildos. She moans loudly as she reaches pleasure, switching between the large and small toys.

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Mom notices that you have an erection and asks you to cum in front of her. Afterward, she teases you by admitting that she would still consider your penis satisfying because it is big enough for penetration.

Despite having a large dildo with which she pleasures herself, Mom assures you that your small dick can still satisfy her. She pulls out the 4-inch toy and shows it to you as proof of its smaller size compared to yours.

As the video progresses, both you and Mom become more aroused by this spectacle. You find solace in knowing that your dick is big enough for her even though she prefers larger toys.