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Video Title: Big Boss Dick Facial
Model Name: Lilcanadiangirl
Video Duration: 21:58
File Size: 2.96 GB
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A new employee is starting their first day at work and the boss has them in for a quick introduction meeting. The employee is wearing an outfit that the boss likes, particularly wanting to get a better look at the employee’s thighs.

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The employee, despite being nervous, loves getting compliments from the boss and wants to make up for any mistakes they may have made. To do this, they offer to seduce the boss by giving them oral sex, hoping it will help ease any stress the boss might be experiencing.

As the employee starts sucking on the boss’s large dick, their excitement is clear and they try their best to make sure the boss feels good. They lick and slurp on the cock, even letting some slippery cum get in their mouth.

To finish off this blowjob, the employee takes a ride with the boss as sips from his big dick and gets covered in hot sticky jizz. The employee is now ready for another meeting, but not before cleaning up all evidence of what just happened.