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Video Title: Your daughter is a pornstar
Model Name: Lexyalex12
Video Duration: 17:59
File Size: 2.01 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

The video opens with a man (played by the user) on the phone, presumably speaking to his daughter. He tells her that she cannot leave and proceeds to take away her freedom.

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As they converse, he begins to become more and more frustrated with his daughter’s behavior. It becomes evident that she is a pornstar when he comes across some videos of her online.

The man takes it upon himself to discipline his daughter for acting like such an immoral person. He decides to punish her by making her suck on his hard dick and treating her as the disgraceful person that she is.

After a while of being treated poorly, he finally gets frustrated enough to take out his dildo and fucks his daughter’s nasty pornstar cunt. He makes sure to treat her like the bitch that she truly is by pretending it isn’t real sex.