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Video Title: sister needs your help
Model Name: Lexyalex12
Video Duration: 11:41
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You enter a room and find your sister sitting on the couch with her top lifted up. She is playing with both of her nipples and asks for help to determine which one sticks out more than the other. However, you are hesitant because it’s your sister and not sure about helping.

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Despite being reluctant, she insists that you sit down next to her so you can have a closer look at both of her nipples. She is now begging for your assistance in making this comparison as she feels uncomfortable doing it herself. You finally agree and start checking out the color, size, shape, and how much they protrude compared with each other.

Your sister starts moaning due to all of this attention on her nipples but continues asking you for help in making a decision about which one is more prominent than the other. You take note that even though she has been playing with them, there isn’t much difference between both in terms of appearance and how they stand up.

Just as your sister was about to give up on this comparison mission, her mother arrives outside and she quickly covers herself while thanking you for the help. She also mentions that nipples are now more exposed than usual due to being played with and asks if there is a difference compared to mom’s nipples.