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Video Title: Professor has a silk glove fetish
Model Name: Lexyalex12
Video Duration: 14:47
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A student is in trouble and needs help from their professor. The student enters the office of the professor to discuss about poor test results. As they talk, it’s discovered that the professor enjoys wearing silky gloves and the student offers their own pair for a more personal connection.

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The professor agrees and puts on the gloves while discussing the possibility of extra credit with the student. The conversation becomes sensual as both parties engage in a power exchange where the professor is dominant, but allows certain concessions to be made by the student. This type of roleplaying helps the professor feel more comfortable.

The student continues their plea for better grades and uses seduction as a tool to make it happen. The silky gloves are used to tease and excite the professor, making them imagine having those soft fingers around their penis. As this imagery takes place, the professor can’t help but get more excited and agrees on providing extra marks in exchange for sensual pleasure.

The student leaves the office with a smile knowing that they have passed their exams and received extra points by using silky gloves as a secret weapon. The power dynamic shifts again when it comes time to collect, creating an even larger discrepancy between what is expected from students compared to professors.