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Video Title: cute teen daughter wants a sister
Model Name: Lewdestbunnie
Video Duration: 44:00
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Teenage girl with the desire to have an additional sister is determined to get one no matter what it takes. She uses her cuteness and charm in order to persuade her parent into adding another sibling to their family.

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Daddy daughter relationship turns sour as she gets a little bit older, but after discussing matters with his princess he understands that it’s time for him to be a father again. He prepares the room and everything necessary in order to make sure her teen sister feels comfortable. As well as giving birth to another human being by using only natural resources.

This little girl is very excited about having an actual sibling, who will help take care of their parents when they get old. She knows that this time it’s not going to be just a plaything but her real sister, and she takes the task seriously in order to provide everything necessary for her new baby sis.

Her teenage dream finally comes true as she gets a little sister after all of their chats. She is now able to share every single detail about life with another person who will be just like herself and have same upbringing, clothes, toys etc.