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Video Title: breeding lesson: teacher knows best part 2 w/little puck
Model Name: Lewdestbunnie
Video Duration: 11:08
File Size: 820.56 MB
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In this video, a blonde teenage girl is in the middle of a classroom filled with students who are all eager to learn and become more knowledgeable. The blonde teenager is wearing glasses and a blue dress that matches her personality as she takes on the role of an experienced teacher. She has brought along her boyfriend who will be playing the student role today, while another person plays the role of a breeding specimen for this lesson.

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As the teenage girl starts teaching, she introduces different terms such as ‘womb’, ‘cervix’ and ‘seed’. The blonde teenager is using her boyfriend to demonstrate these concepts by having him lay on his back as she uses him like a dummy. She teaches about how important it is for men to know their place in the society and that women are naturally dominant over them, even during intercourse.

The teenage girl continues teaching about ‘breed’ being an essential term for both males and females in this particular scenario as she uses her boyfriend again. She has him on his knees while she towers over him with big tits bouncing all around. It is important to note that the blonde teenager knows how to handle a man, even when it comes to dominating one during sex.

At the end of this lesson, both the teenage girl and her boyfriend are covered in milky white cum on their faces as they smile for the camera. The blonde teenager has successfully taught everyone present about breeding while also making sure that she is on top with a big load of semen covering not only her but also her partner.