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Video Title: Pee Compilation #2
Model Name: Leia Lovelyn
Video Duration: 15:07
File Size: 2.15 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

A man is standing in a warm shower, enjoying the feeling of water raining down on him. He starts to pee while continuing to stand under the hot stream of water. The sound of his piss filling up the bathroom can be heard clearly.

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As he finishes and steps out of the shower, another man is seen with a satisfied smile on his face. He takes a few drops of the golden liquid and uses it to wash off some cum from his cheek. The second man’s piss is used as an alternative cleaning agent in this explicit video.

The first man steps out of the shower, leaving behind a wet floor for other people to slip on. He then takes the handheld showerhead and sprays it all over himself one last time before stepping away from the camera.

This pee compilation video is shot in 1080p resolution with a duration of 15 minutes, making it perfect for anyone who loves water sports and enjoys watching men relieve themselves freely. The second part of this series features two men sharing an intimate moment in the shower, adding to its appeal.