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Video Title: Woke up as a Pregnant Woman
Model Name: Legendarylootz
Video Duration: 15:04
File Size: 2.12 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

In the beginning of this video, user wakes up inside another person’s body who is pregnant and has large breasts. She feels her new body for the first time and enjoys it. Wearing lingerie and touching herself makes her feel turned on.

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As she touches her belly, she realizes that there are two people living in this body – one is a woman who was pregnant before falling asleep; another person is inside her womb, growing and preparing to be born. It’s an unusual but exciting feeling for our user

User gets out of bed and takes off clothes from the previous night. She feels so turned on by this body swap that she can’t help touching herself all over again – breasts, belly button, hips and legs seem incredibly sensitive now. It gives her a lot of pleasure to feel these parts.

User puts on sexy lingerie in order to fully embrace the new body. She gets turned on once more by this sensation, but also wants to cum as soon as possible because it feels so good