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Video Title: my bf has a armpit fetish
Model Name: Lani Lust
Video Duration: 06:32
File Size: 941.10 MB
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A couple is in the middle of an intimate moment as one partner lifts their arm and exposes their sweaty underarm to be licked and sucked by the other person. The room smells musky from all the exercise, but that does not stop them from continuing with this activity.

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The woman is lying on her back while her male companion sucks her armpit in missionary position. He keeps his hands up as he pounds away and cums on both of her tits twice, making a mess all over the place.

In this video, you can see how much the man enjoys sucking on sweaty hairy underarms. The woman opens up to him and raises their arms high so that he may reach further with his tongue deep down inside her armpit, which is covered in salty perspiration.

The two lovers engage in a steamy session of lust as they share an intimate moment together while she shows off her hairy pits and sweaty body. The woman has just come from the gym where she worked up a sweat and now he gets to reap all the benefits of this by licking, smelling and tasting every inch.