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Video Title: POV: Illustrious Gets Fucked On Her Wedding Day | AzurLane
Model Name: Lana Rain
Video Duration: 20:45
File Size: 3.91 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

This video showcases the wedding day of Lana Rain or ‘Illustrious’ as she is affectionately known in the community. The bride has been eagerly anticipating this special moment, and it can be clearly seen that she wants to please her partner.

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The visuals are presented in Full HD resolution with a frame size of 1920×1080. This allows for an immersive and pleasurable experience as the viewer enjoys each moment of this intimate ceremony.

It is important to note that despite being a fictional character, Illustrious has been given great care in her creation. She embodies certain characteristics and behaviors that are traditionally associated with women in real life. The creators have made sure she feels like the genuine wife-to-be for their partner.

As the video progresses, it becomes increasingly clear how eager Illustrious is to consummate her relationship with this man as he fucks her on her wedding day. She wants everyone watching to know just how devoted and in love she truly is.