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Video Title: Choose 3 Pokemon Vids | Read Description
Model Name: Lana Rain
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In this special episode, our main character and her loyal slave are preparing themselves to entertain 3 different groups from the world of Pokémon. The first group is made up by Psyduck’s harem who have been abused one too many times by their master.

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The second group is a couple consisting of Mew and his partner, where he has complete control over her emotions with the use of a magic gem. But don’t worry because this time, they will be participating in an intense BDSM session to free them from this enslavement.

The third group is not as lucky; it consists of three psychic Pokémon who have been abusing their abilities for personal gain. They are now facing a powerful foe that has captured the minds and bodies of all other Psychics, including his own wife!

This time Mistress Lana Rain is determined to end this cruelty once and for all. She will use her skills as an experienced Dominatrix in order to teach these three psychic Pokémon a lesson they’ll never forget!