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Video Title: Atago’s Wedding Night | Azur Lane
Model Name: Lana Rain
Video Duration: 23:00
File Size: 4.47 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

The video starts with Atago eagerly waiting for her husband to consummate their marriage in a high-definition and smooth 60 frames per second setting. She is dressed in traditional Japanese clothing, which highlights the importance of this occasion.

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As they start having sex, it’s clear that Atago is not just doing this for the sake of her husband but also to please herself. The video features a variety of positions and angles, capturing the intimate moment between the two lovers in detail.

The couple spends time kissing, caressing each other’s bodies and enjoying every inch of their partner’s skin. Atago can be seen moaning softly while receiving pleasure from her husband’s touch. The video also showcases some BDSM elements with a few whips here and there.

As the scene comes to an end, it is evident that this wedding night will not be forgotten by either of them anytime soon. Atago can be seen blushing as she gets ready for another round of love-making.