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Video Title: Naughty StepMom Loves Being a Giantess
Model Name: Lalunalewd
Video Duration: 12:26
File Size: 734.74 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

Step-mom enjoys being in control of her stepson’s life and decides to become a giantess using a device she found.

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As a giantess, she feels powerful and dominant, rubbing her pussy while looking at the small people and buildings around her. She is turned on by her increased size and towers over everything in sight.

To maintain her gigantic stature, she fucks the buildings around her, not caring about the people inside. This allows her to stay tall and continue being a naughty step-mom.

Being a giantess has its perks as Step-mom can now see everything from a higher perspective and is able to keep an eye on those who would dare cross her path.