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Video Title: Ex Girlfriend from the Spirit World
Model Name: Lalunalewd
Video Duration: 16:06
File Size: 943.19 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

The video starts with a sad scene of a ghost trying to comfort their living partner by laying on top of them and providing one last intimate moment before moving on to afterlife. The spirit appears in front of the person, dressed in a glowy dreamy outfit and giving a kiss while looking at camera

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The video then transitions into some passionate moments between the two with missionary sex position being used for this scene as well. Pornstar is taking off her robe to give access to all parts of body, including face shots and close-ups.

This clip also includes a sad ending where ghost tells their partner that they will never be able to conceive a child due to being in afterlife but still encourages them to move on. The video ends with teary eyes and sad words from the pornstar, giving this intimate moment a more somber tone.

The video is shot in 1920×1080 resolution and has a glowy dreamy effect for ghostly atmosphere. No dildo was used in this scene as it does not match with the rest of the setting