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Video Title: Eat Your Cum or Be Fired
Model Name: Lalunalewd
Video Duration: 06:13
File Size: 368.69 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

A meeting between two coworkers takes an unexpected turn when one confronts the other about their search history on a work computer. The accuser demands that the accused eats their own cum, threatening to fire them otherwise. To entice compliance, big beautiful tits are revealed in a slow and seductive manner.

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The meeting is held in a conference room with a large table covered by a white sheet of paper. The dominant coworker sits at one end of the table while the submissive sits on their knees under it, eager to please but unable to reach any food for them both.

As time ticks away and other employees start arriving in the room, the pressure grows intense with no release. The dominant coworker is able to hold back their urges until they are alone again, while the submissive frantically tries to please before getting fired from their position.

The climax of this meeting occurs when it becomes clear that only one person will be allowed in the room. The dominant coworker claims victory and eats a juicy cumshot on top of the table, signaling an end to all meetings but not an end to their reign as leader.