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Video Title: Mommy found her missing pantyhose and alot more
Model Name: Lahlah1684
Video Duration: 20:10
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It is a sunny day outside and Mommy has decided to take advantage of this by doing some laundry, including the washing of her favorite pair of black panties that she cannot seem to find. As she spreads these garments out on the line, she notices something peculiar – a wet patch in an unexpected area.

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As Mommy leans over to investigate further, she discovers that it is actually a pair of panties and quickly realizes whose they are! She decides to keep them hanging outside for all to see as her son might learn his lesson about leaving clothes lying around if he sees this. In the meantime, she goes back inside to grab something else to hang up.

Mommy then notices that one of the items on the line is a little damp and upon closer inspection discovers it is in fact another pair of panties! She quickly removes them from the line and begins searching for their rightful place, deciding that the best spot for these is on display for all to see. Mommy goes back inside once again, grabbing more items to hang up.

As she continues hanging clothes on the line, it becomes evident just how many pairs of panties are missing from her collection! She begins counting them as they accumulate and quickly realizes that there is a whole day’s worth still not accounted for. Mommy decides to leave these outside in plain sight so everyone can enjoy their beauty while she searches for the remaining pieces, deciding that it is best if all of her favorites are together in one place.