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Video Title: Underwater Strip and Cum
Model Name: Lacey Royce
Video Duration: 21:59
File Size: 1.62 GB
Video Resolution: 3840×2160

A woman wearing a lacy swimsuit dives into the pool, leaving her glasses on as she plays with various sex toys in the water.
The first toy used is a suction cup dildo that attaches to the bottom of the pool. She then uses her fingers and moves them around like they are a vibrator.

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As she gets close to cumming, she becomes desperate for air which causes her to take breaks on the surface but this doesn’t stop her from continuing.
She keeps using more toys in the water including a glass toy that buzzes through the pool. She even uses a Hitachi wand-style vibrator and it can be heard humming through the water.

When she finally reaches an orgasm, she is not able to stop as her body shakes with pleasure multiple times.
Her face is visible in every moment of this clip making you feel like you are watching a real-life person instead of just some animation or computer graphics

The woman’s lacy swimsuit becomes increasingly transparent throughout the video, eventually revealing all her naughty parts for everyone to see.
At one point she even uses two vibrators at once and it feels like you are seeing double which makes this underwater striptease extremely exciting