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Video Title: Your Fiance’s Alter Ego
Model Name: Kwgirlx
Video Duration: 18:32
File Size: 1.88 GB
Video Resolution: 3840×2160

This video is a KWGIRLX special where you get to meet Christine and Chloe, two personas of the same woman but with different personalities.
Christine has a dominant personality and wants everyone around her to feel it too. She ties up her fiancé in bed and takes over his body while he is still conscious.
Chloe on the other hand is submissive who begs for your affection, she tries so hard that you can hear choking noises when being handcuffed.

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Christine has a dominant personality but not like any other woman. She takes over riding your cock and does not stop until you ejaculate. Her domination is so intense that it seems real.
Chloe, however, wants to be affectionate all the time with her fiancé which makes Christine mimic a submissive persona just to get what she desires.

Alternating between Chloe and dominant personality of Christine can keep you on edge. It is difficult to know who will win in this game because there are many things at stake.
This pornographic video has high resolution 4K (3840×2160) that gives the feeling of being present during action.

Being a submissive and dominant woman is not easy. They need to be in sync with their emotions but sometimes it can get out of hand which causes choking sounds when Chloe tries too hard.
In this video, you are able to see how intense the domination from Christine’s personality really is as well as how gentle she wants her fiancé to feel and that is why he calls him ‘Daddy’ in a taunting tone.