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Video Title: Tongue Fetish & Cum
Model Name: Kwgirlx
Video Duration: 13:40
File Size: 1.66 GB
Video Resolution: 3840×2160

In this video titled ‘Kwgirlx’, you will see a captivating tongue fetish scene where she sticks her tongue out and moves it in an upward motion, swirling around lollipop. This specific part of the act is a perfect teaser for what’s to come as Kwgirlx cums with forceful spasms.

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The resolution of this video is 3840×2160 and it features Kwgirlx in an agony style setting, swallowing lollipops whole then ejecting them out at will. The visuals are breathtakingly beautiful with a focus on the details of her mouth.

Kwgirlx sticks her tongue out as she swallows a lollipop and you can clearly see it pulsating in time to a sensual rhythm, making this video perfect for those who have a fetish of watching girls swallow things. The camera angle is just right so that the viewer gets to experience every little detail.

Kwgirlx cums on screen with an intensity and forcefulness that will leave you speechless as she ejects lollipops from her mouth, making this video a true masterpiece of beauty. The final scene is where Kwgirlx holds the lollipop in her hand before it gets pushed into her mouth and comes out again.