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Video Title: The Housewife’s Affair XIII 4K HDR
Model Name: Kswifey
Video Duration: 14:06
File Size: 6.40 GB
Video Resolution: 3840×2160

A married woman finds pleasure in having an affair with a younger man named ‘Bruno’. Her husband is aware of his wife’s infidelity and has given her permission to have this fling. The young stud Bruno and the housewife enjoy each other as she takes him on tours around town while he gives her intense full-body massages.

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In one scene, they are seen sitting together in a car with the husband driving them around. She is wearing an elegant dress and has accessorized it well; Bruno is in his work attire looking quite dapper himself. The wife’s hand rests on her lover’s thigh as she enjoys the ride while he keeps glancing at her through peripheral vision.

The housewife then takes Bruno to a massage parlor where they can spend time alone together. She has hired two other men, also dressed in uniform, who give the couple private room massages. The husband is unaware that his wife and lover are enjoying each other’s company during these sessions.

In another scene, the housewife is seen lying on a massage table with her legs spread wide open while Bruno gives her an intense full-body massage. She moans softly as he presses deep into her muscles, making sure she feels every inch of pleasure from his touch.