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Video Title: Sissification of my neighbor
Model Name: Kristinaxxx
Video Duration: 13:21
File Size: 2.34 GB
Video Resolution: 3840×2160

Kristinaxxx is the roommate and has a sissy nature that needs to be encouraged further. She decides on cute crop tops, panties as part of her slutty attire. This not only turns her on but also makes sure she can’t resist alpha cocks.

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The first lesson is about wearing different types of panties, with each pair providing a certain level of satisfaction and teasing the sissy in Kristinaxxx. She gives her roommate a starter kit from her personal collection to help him find his way as a sissy.

The sluttiest outfits are encouraged for clubbing or dates, with panties that ride up and tease the asshole being an important part of Kristinaxxx’s attire. She is also open to helping her roommate pick out slutty clothes in preparation for a night on the town.

Wearing skimpy crop tops and showing off cute panties with full ass coverage is what makes Kristinaxxx feel like she can be more submissive, allowing alpha males to dominate over her. This sissy behavior has been learned by living with a roommate who shares the same sentiment.