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Video Title: thief fucked the petite owner hard and cum in her tight puss
Model Name: Kriss Kiss
Video Duration: 17:29
File Size: 1016.97 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

A burglar has broken into a woman’s house with the intent to steal from her. However, he becomes distracted by her irresistible physique and decides to take advantage of it instead.
This thief is particularly fond of petite women because they are easier to overpower and control.

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He has managed to sneak into the woman’s bedroom and surprise her with his presence. He then proceeded to fuck her hard, leaving her moaning in pleasure and pain as he filled her tight puss with cum.
The thief didn’t even realize that there was a CCTV camera filming him while committing this act.

As the burglar leaves the woman’s house, he still can’t believe how easy it is to commit such an act and get away with it. But little did he know that the police have already spotted his face on the CCTV footage and are now hunting him down.
This thief has no idea what awaits him; being caught for burglary might be better than having this video spread all over social media.

The woman, who was just a victim in this situation, is still in pain from being fucked so hard by the thief. She can’t believe that such an act could happen to her and now she has to live with it.
This petite woman is thinking about suing the burglar for all the damage he had done but doesn’t know if this will be enough punishment