Kriss Kiss – Is Your Dick As Sweet As My Lollipop? Can I Try Free Leaked

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Video Title: Is your dick as sweet as my lollipop? Can I try
Model Name: Kriss Kiss
Video Duration: 15:52
File Size: 922.30 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

A beautiful woman is wearing a red lingerie set and decides to give her partner a blowjob with the help of a big, hard, candy cane. She puts it in her mouth and begins sucking on it while looking at him with sensual eyes.

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As she sucks on this candy cane, you see that it makes her lips redder which brings even more attention to how wet they are getting. You start hearing sounds of pleasure as the woman starts enjoying what is happening in front of your face and continues

This beautiful girl then takes a lollipop out of nowhere and sucks on it, showing you that she loves sweets too! She puts this into her mouth with ease and even looks like she enjoys sucking on the candy cane. This scene gets more explicit as she starts to take off all pieces of clothing except for the panties which have a little red bow in front.

The video ends when you see that there is no lollipop left, and it seems like your partner has been eating them too fast! As he reaches down towards his dick with just one piece of candy cane left, this woman puts the last piece inside her mouth, making him feel more pleasure than ever before