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Video Title: My Stepmoms Science Experiment
Model Name: Korina Kova
Video Duration: 06:59
File Size: 703.58 MB
Video Resolution: 2048×1152

Korina Kova is a brilliant scientist who has created an experiment involving her step-son and pheromones.

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In the experiment, Korina injects pheromones into her step-son which makes him smell incredibly good. As she spends more time around him, she starts to wear less clothing due to his pleasant scent. But soon notices that she has become a ‘slut’ as he begins to dominate and control the situation.

Her mind becomes increasingly simple and childlike, with simplistic words being used instead of her usual complex vocabulary. Her step-son even shushes her by pushing his 12 inch cock inside of her holes which makes her go completely blank, causing a loss of intelligence for Korina Kova.

The experiment is successful in making the step-son smell good but it also has made Korina into a bimbo and she starts to worship him instead of being dominant. The full video shows this interesting scenario between mother and son.