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Video Title: Daddy is a Pervert
Model Name: Kimberleyjx
Video Duration: 14:50
File Size: 2.06 GB
Video Resolution: 3840×2160

A young woman has found her father in an embarrassing situation and decides to take advantage of it for her own amusement. She uses his taboo roleplay as a way to dominate him and make him feel uncomfortable, while she enjoys the moment.

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The setting is their home, where the woman has caught her father wearing her panties. She teases him by playing with his genitals, making it clear that he is not in control of this situation. The daughter also threatens to tell her mother about what she has found if he does not comply with her demands.

The man tries to act normal and play along with the charade, but eventually gives in and lets his daughter take charge. She makes him feel gross and humiliated by making him wear panties again, showing that she is the one who calls the shots now. The video quality of 1080P or even 4K can be enjoyed at a smooth 60fps.

This specific adult daughter has full control over her father, as he becomes more and more submissive to her demands. She makes him wear panties in front of the camera for all viewers to see this humiliating situation. The daddy-daughter relationship is one that can be enjoyed with a taboo roleplay theme on display.