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Video Title: Pajama Party With Daddy
Model Name: Kendall Morr
Video Duration: 53:45
File Size: 5.70 GB
Video Resolution: 3840×2160

The video starts with a daughter and father playing games during the daytime but as night falls daughter’s sexual desire increases and she seduces her own father who is also not able to resist. The game they play includes pillow fighting which turns out to be foreplay for them, eventually leading towards intense sex where both of them forget about everything else.

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In the next scene, it appears that daughter has a breakup with her boyfriend and she wants comfort from her father only because he is always there whenever she needs him. She feels safe around his strong arms which make her feel loved and protected but this time things turn sexual when both of them use each other’s body as fuck toy.

In the third scene, it seems that father has become more addicted to daughter’s naked body than anyone else, so he uses her for his pleasure. He makes sure she knows who is in charge and what is right or wrong by fucking her without any condom on as well as hitting all of her holes with full force.

In the end, both father and daughter share a peaceful sleep after intense sex but then it’s time for daddy to leave the room which makes his little girl miss him so much that she feels lonely. This is why they continue their pajama party even in daytime whenever there is no one else around.