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Video Title: Milky Self Sucking Maid Lactating
Model Name: Kelly Payne
Video Duration: 06:06
File Size: 362.12 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

A busty woman in lingerie teases viewers with her large tits while wearing a sexy maid costume, and self-sucks the milk from her breasts. She does this by switching between sucking one breast at a time and allowing excess flow of milk to run down her body.

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This adult performer continues to switch between spraying milk from her tits and self-sucking, with each action being described as “teasing” the audience. The model in this video is named Kelly Payne and she has a very large bust size that can be observed while wearing lingerie.

The adult actress squeezes her huge breasts and sprays milk from them while teasing the viewers with the sight of big milky tits. Her costume remains to be seen but it appears as though she is not fully dressed yet in a maid outfit

The pornstar named Kelly Payne continues to wear lingerie, including her sexy maid uniform, and titillates people by showing off her large breasts through sucking on one while the other breast remains uncovered. She maintains eye contact with viewers as she gives a full view of both tits in this manner.