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Video Title: A Desired Affair 5
Model Name: Kelly Payne
Video Duration: 24:54
File Size: 1.44 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

The video starts with a host preparing for an event at their home where they have invited some friends including their best friend and his partner who is being betrayed by the host. The person in question has been intimate with this woman before but did not pursue it further as he had just started dating someone else

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The party starts, and Kelly walks in dressed provocatively making everyone present feel uncomfortable due to her attractiveness and especially since she is the girlfriend of the host’s best friend. The person does not ignore this fact either but tries their best to make it seem like they are unaware of what is happening

Kelly approaches the host who then takes advantage of the situation by pushing Kelly against a wall and finger-fucking her, making both parties cum before moving on to more exciting activities. The host seems too loud as if trying to prove their superiority over others in the room

The video ends with the couple having sex in multiple positions while keeping an ear out for anyone who might be listening and being cautious about not letting everyone else know what is happening