Katty Blake – Nails And Cervix Fetish With Speculum Free Leaked

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Video Title: Nails and cervix fetish with speculum
Model Name: Katty Blake
Video Duration: 05:14
File Size: 851.97 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

This video showcases a manicure that has been done to entertain the audience. The nails are painted in different colors, each of them sparkling brightly under the lights which makes it look like they have their own personality.

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The woman is using a speculum on her cervix and showing off its deep pink color while playing with herself at the same time

A person can see inside of the vagina to understand how healthy this part of the body is, making it easy for anyone who wants to learn about their reproductive system. The speculum also makes sure that no harm is caused by using such a big tool for self-pleasure

This video has an interesting contrast between beauty and functionality where both are shown in one screen. It can be used as a guide for anyone who wants to know more about this kind of fetish, giving them the right information without making it too overwhelming