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Video Title: Foot Bitch Initiation
Model Name: Katilingus
Video Duration: 22:50
File Size: 2.56 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

Katilingus is a dominant female foot worshipper who enjoys being in control of her male submissives. In this video she has one particular man, named ‘cuckie’, on his knees with Katilung’s perfect feet dangling above him while he cleans cum from another mans sexual exploits off the floor.

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Katilingus is wearing black thigh-high stockings and a matching lace dress that leaves her delicate, soft white feet exposed. She uses this advantage to give cuckie instructions on how to properly clean out of her pussy with his tongue after watching someone else fuck her from behind.

Katilingus is not only humiliating the man by making him worship and service her but also makes sure that he knows who’s in charge. She does this through POV shots where she stares directly into camera, giving a sense of superiority over cuckie

The final act to solidify Katilungus foot domination is having the man on his knees and eating her used pussy with all that cum spread around it. This way he can see how powerful female feet are and why they should be worshipped, but only by a dedicated male foot cuck.