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Model Name: Katie Cummings
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Katie Cummings is a neighbor of Nito and they have been friends for a long time. Katie has always had an interest in trying on her neighbor’s wife’s lingerie as she believes it would fit her perfectly due to their similar body types.

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One day, while both of them were at home, Katie decided to try on the lingerie and fell in love with how sexy it made her feel. Nito walked in to check on his neighbor and was surprised by what he saw – a very seductive sight that turned him on instantly.

Katie, feeling horny and ready for some action, took advantage of the situation and got fucked like never before. She had always wanted to know how Nito would be behind closed doors and this was her chance. Maybe next time, she will get two lingeries instead of one and share with Katie

In order to keep things exciting for both neighbors, they decided that it is better if the sexy lingerie stays between them, creating a secret stash of kinky items.