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Video Title: Daddy Daughter Sex Education
Model Name: Katherine Pine
Video Duration: 17:25
File Size: 2.77 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

Katherine Pine is the performer in this adult video titled ‘Daddy Daughter Sex Education’. The video starts with Katherine being nervous about her body and how men will perceive it. She wears baggy clothes to hide her figure, but when she undresses for her father, she reveals a curvy figure with large breasts and buttocks. To reassure her, he invites her to try deepthroating a thick black dildo in front of him.

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Katherine’s performance includes riding the dildo while facing her father, playing with her tits, and squirting all over herself during missionary. She is concerned about being creamy and asks if it is normal for a woman to be so wet. Her piercings on both nipples are visible in this video.

The adult performer also performs in the gothic style, wearing knee-high stockings and thigh-highs with lingerie that hides her figure but leaves little to the imagination of those watching the performance. This is a full-length video, so all details are visible for fans of Katherine Pine.

Katherine also performs as a slutty schoolgirl in this adult video, complete with pigtails and innocent demeanor. She has large tits that bounce up and down while she rides the black dildo. The performer’s father encourages her to be more revealing about herself and even participates by spreading Katherine’s legs wide open for a full view of her wet pussy.