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Video Title: VOTE $15 Please Breed Us
Model Name: Kaedia Lang
Video Duration: 14:59
File Size: 1.28 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

This pornographic video is named Chase and it stars Kaedia Lang who can be seen in the full nudity throughout the 14 minute and 59 second long clip. The resolution of the video is top-notch at 1080p with a widescreen aspect ratio. This video features both Ashley Aoki and Kaedia pleading to be bred by you as they touch themselves and each other in front of their webcam for your pleasure. However, this isn’t just about sex but also includes a political message where Chase is used throughout the clip encouraging people to vote $15.

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In order for this video to stay online, Kaedia Lang needs you to participate in a contest that can be found here: kaedialang.manyvids.com/contest/5788 or here: kaedialang.manyvds.com/contest/5792. The objective of this is to encourage people to vote $15 and make it the minimum wage standard for all workers.

The setting of the video involves two beautiful women in a room with minimal decorations, making their bodies the main focus throughout the clip. Kaedia Lang can be seen lying on her back with Ashley Aoki fully naked right next to Chase’s ballot encouraging everyone who sees it to make $15 minimum wage standard.

Kaedia Lang is a strong advocate for workers rights and that is why she has decided to go nude in front of the camera. She can be seen holding a sign with ‘VOTE FOR $15’ written on it, symbolizing her dedication towards fighting for better wages and benefits for all workers.