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Video Title: VOTE $15 Girlfriend Gets Revenge
Model Name: Kaedia Lang
Video Duration: 15:28
File Size: 1.32 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

The title of this video is ‘VOTE $15’. In it, a woman who has been pretending to be in a relationship with her best friend Clinton for about a year gets revenge on the person who caused their initial breakup. The woman uses the opportunity to show off her love and commitment to Clinton by performing various sexual acts and stunts.

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The video is divided into three parts, each part being introduced by text written onscreen. In the first part, the woman can be seen giving oral sex to Clinton while he games and chats with someone else, showing her dedication and love for him. She does this under a desk so only Clinton knows what she’s doing.

In the second part of the video, the woman is at a party where she dances and makes out with Clinton in front of everyone. She takes it to another level by revealing that she hasn’t been using birth control for over a year and getting dared to twerk on Clinton while also sucking his dick. This act is performed in front of all the guests, making her look confident and proud.

The third part of this video features the woman taking revenge on the person who caused her breakup with Clinton by using sexual acts as a punishment. She does this at their shared home where she sucks and fucks him while driving in a car, leaving obvious signs that everyone can see. The use of ‘kaedialang’ throughout the whole video suggests it was filmed for an online competition.