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Video Title: VOTE $10 Erotic Aromatherapy
Model Name: Kaedia Lang
Video Duration: 10:14
File Size: 892.60 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

A woman named Kaedia Lang is seen in this video using a unique aromatherapy technique that involves the use of natural scents related to feet, pussy, and ass. The woman gets naked and teases the viewer with these three elements, encouraging them to cum at the end.

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This $10 erotic aromatherapy experience is available for voting on either kaedialang.manyvids.com/contest/5788 or kaedialang.manyvds.com/contest/5792, with the video being 10 minutes and 14 seconds long and at a resolution of 1920×1080.

The woman in the video is named Matthew, and she uses her unique aromatherapy technique to provide a sensual experience for the viewer. The use of feet, pussy, and ass scents are used to create this erotic atmosphere.

In this full-length adult film, Kaedia Lang provides an immersive $10 erotic aromatherapy session that is both visually stimulating and sensually captivating. The woman’s name is Matthew and she gets naked in the video to better tease the viewer.