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Video Title: dad gets rough with my bf, then takes me
Model Name: Jolie Lyon
Video Duration: 32:45
File Size: 4.83 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

In this video, a father discovers his teenage daughter’s boyfriend in her room and becomes enraged by it. He physically removes the boy from the space using forceful punches until he is satisfied that she will no longer be disturbed. The girl is initially shocked but then feels protected and loved as her father returns to her, causing a deep attraction for him.

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The daughter starts performing sexual activities with this newfound protection and masculinity in the form of sensual massages on her naked body given by her father’s large hands. She can’t help but feel an intense connection towards him as they share intimate moments together, making both parties enjoy themselves.

After a while, the daughter becomes overwhelmed with guilt and confesses to her mother about being railed all night long in front of their family home by her father. Her mom is also touched by this masculine energy and gets turned on as well, leading them into an even more intimate scene where they share a moment together.

In the end, this experience has brought the whole family closer rather than driving them apart. The father becomes the head of their home with everyone else worshipping him in return for his strength, and he is able to fuck his daughter whenever he feels like it.